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You get up at three in the morning, while everyone else is still sleeping contentedly, eyes still gritty with sleep try to locate your equipment, you gulp down a mug of hot coffee, hoist a 10-kilo rucksack with all your equipment onto your back, and off you go to your chosen spot…, to see it, and maybe even capture it – that beautiful, colourful mist, which envelops, embraces and revitalises, which softens the light and the viewpoint…

Enraptured, you watch the first rays of sun restore the colours to shapes that at dawn were grey… You look through the viewfinder at flowers whose form and dimensions are entirely different in the lens… Unseen, you watch animals that seem as if they want to share their lives with you… You breathe in the damp early morning air and you know that there is nothing on earth more beautiful than to capture that first touch of light shimmering in drops of dew, drying the wings of a butterfly, warming the petals of clasped-up flowers, illuminating the leaves of trees…

And then you go back, while the others are still sleeping contentedly, take off your sodden clothes, drink another mug of coffee, and once again you think to yourself: "Yet again it was worthwhile… to see what for so many is beyond reach, beyond comprehension…".

Do visit our photo gallery, where you will find the touch of light, the breath of mist, the transience of flowers, the power of nature, the beauty of wild animals, and you will see that what to some looks tiny, to others appears huge…


Anna Jędra-Wojciechowska and Dariusz Wojciechowski

Naturephoto: Fotografia przyrodnicza - O nas
Naturephoto - Über uns
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